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A few months ago, PDA maniac Rick Cooper emailed all of his clients, colleagues and mentors and asked them their top networking advice.
You can download the first edition of Million Dollar Contacts for free (380KB, PDF).
Here was my advice:
What is your most effective follow up strategy?
An autoresponder that kicks off 1 day after an ezine subscription.
What networking events do you attend?
Conferences and teleseminars.
What’s your best tip to get referrals?
Attend group classes as a participant You get exposure in a low-pressure environment.
How do you maintain rapport over time?
Newsletter, free calls, postcards, blogs.
How often do you recommend making contact with prospects and clients?
How do you keep your contact database up to date?
This is a big gap for me rightnow – I am *supposed* to do it all through my ecommerce system’s client database.
What tips do you have for sending direct mail?
Outsource it.
What advertising specialties have you found most effective?
Discussions lists, ezines, free calls.
What suggestions do you have for printing marketing collateral?
Make it match your online presence.
What tips do you have for organizing your contact follow up activities?
DO IT! (SInce I haven’t!)






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  1. Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro Avatar

    Thanks for the blog post Andy! You offered some great suggestions for people to network and build their business. It’s a challenge to grow your contact database, keep in touch with clients and prospects and still maintain a personal touch. You are a master at it and many can learn from your success. We all have room for improvement. The key is to identify any gaps and work to overcome them.

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