Boeing VP Blog Lacks Everything

Steve pointed me to Randy Baseler’s blog – he’s a VP at Boeing. His blog seems to lack nearly everything that makes a blog a blog: blogroll, permalinks, comments, trackbacks, archives, contact information. I mean – what’s the point, right? Is this just an ‘attaboy column’ – we’re the best – booyeah – no Airbus-worries here! Go 7E7!
My boyfriend is an airplane nut. He’s crazy. And not war planes – I’m talking civilian aircraft. I didn’t know there were magazines for this stuff. He knows the fleet of most major carriers around the world and has an opinion about all of them (he’s a flight attendant). How great would it be if Randy’s blog reached out to those rabid fans – those civilian aircraft otaku – out there that love planes with a passion? It’s like Jeeps and their rabid fans.
You want an earful about your planes – don’t talk to the passengers – talk to the pilots and attendants and mechanics and crew – they walk that sucker 24/7 and can tell you exactly where you plane sucks.






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