Blogworld Friday Morn Report-Out

Pajamas Media may on the opposite side of my political spectrum but I am thankful they threw a great party at The Joint bar at The Hard Rock Hotel. We were all supposed to wear pajamas but I didn’t want to pack one more set of clothes so I just wore jeans and a nice shirt. I’d run into Sherman Hu at the conference, it was great to meet him finally.
Drank it up with Marc Harty and Stephen Van Yoder.
Last night I’d had three vodka tonics at the party that ShareASale threw (thanks Stephanie for the invite). I could tell the drinks were strong because I couldn’t tell if the third one may have mistakenly been mixed as a gin and tonic (my sister’s signature drink).
Everyone is pretty peppy and fresh-faced for the third day of the conference though the bulk of attendees came in for the first time yesterday.
The keynotes have seemed pretty undynamic. The opening keynote had two speakers sitting down in leather chairs and had the energy of The Actor’s Studio. I’m not saying it isn’t valuable to hear from these guests but that it isn’t the best morning kick-off for a long day packed full of conferences.
Saw Jason Van Orden present in Leesa’s stead (we’ll hug soon Leesa!). Need to make sure I intro myself to him.
Glenda and I shared the table at a double-feature book signing yesterday. She and her husband are here. It was fantastic to finally meet her in person.
Met a few folks who had read Blogwild before they came here and it is always rewarding to hear of their successes and enthusiasm.
Leo LaPorte’s keynote this morning was a bit more up-tempo since he is a seasoned presenter and expert. I finally realized I recognized him from The Screensavers TV show. Before he fired up this morning the eminently huggable Anil Dash gave a little background on the trends behind OpenID, OpenSocial and other open technology standards. I got to talk to Anil for a while yesterday and it was great to meet one of Six Apart’s founding folks. I remember reading his posts on the Movable Type support forums and always remember him for the use of purple in his blog design and his love for all things Prince.
There have been some Booth Babes for a couple of these companies here. Daisy Duke shorts and tight T-shirts seem to be de rigeur. I vow to bring some pectorals into the mix next year, perhaps. Maybe a big bondage swing would be good for my branding. I think we need more BDSM at this conference.
There is the usual assortment of companies here that don’t seem to have much of a business plan besides ‘build popular widget, get bought by Google.’ One guy accosted Sherman Hu and I at the party last night to announce that he’d developed the best thing since email. It was secure and verified and everything else and it was going to change everything. Sherman faked a bathroom excuse while I tried to make my way to the chocolate fondue.
I always worry about chocolate fondue – especially when they have one of those big fountains. I just imagine every bit of dust or nicotine or pathogen being sucked into the chocolate fountain and churned for several hours. Or you wonder if they even change the chocolate between parties. I’m sure they do. I just get paranoid since the chocolate doesn’t seem hot enough. But of course that didn’t stop me from dumping my face into the font of chocolatey goodness.
Met the guy behind TypePad Hacks blog. He’s also a steel sculptor.
Oh talked to some folks from Cincinnatti that are doing a site called Phototrade (I think?). They were actually dressed in pajamas and bathrobe. They actually looked like escaped mental patients.
Met tons of other people I can’t remember right now. Trying to decide which session to go do now. Maybe the one the political one. We’ll see.






6 responses to “Blogworld Friday Morn Report-Out”

  1. ses5909 Avatar

    It’s been good following along in your blogs. I was unable to go this year but am planning on it already for next year.

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Avatar

    I agree.. more BSDM!
    And, MILFblogging!
    Some bloggers are the new Geeks!

  3. Jason Van Orden Avatar

    Andy! I can’t believe I didn’t find you and shake your hand. I specifically wanted to meet you in person. Doh!
    I missed your session for–well–I don’t recall. You know how it gets at conferences.
    Anyway, for sure let’s grab a bit or something next time we are in the same city.

  4. Debbie Weil Avatar

    This is killing me! I saw you across the room at BlogWorld — you were signing books. But when I went to say hi you had disappeared! Can’t believe I missed the chance to say hi five in person. Your fellow Portfolio author…

  5. Glenda Watson Hyatt Avatar

    I was honoured to share the book signing table with you! No doubt, that is why I sold the books that I did.
    See you next year!

  6. Sherman Hu Avatar

    Hey Wibbels, bathroom excuse worked REAL well, didn’t it? 😉
    Why do you think I have a ‘chocolate quota’! But it did taste good – hehe.
    Anyways, great connecting with you LIVE for the very first time. Cheers!

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