Bloglet is Unmanaged?

I wrote two emails using the Contact Us page on Bloglet yesterday and they both came to me as Undeliverable.
great service, sending me an email everyday with my posts from the day before, nice and clean (rather than having to cut and paste). I then forward these to subscribers (unless someone knows of a better way to manage this).
My only gripe with Bloglet is that all the line breaks and paragraph tags are removed so every post comes as one glomulated paragraph.
Anyone know of more info about this, or how to get hold of the owner monsur?






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  1. SB Avatar

    I have given up on Bloglet entirely, though I love the service when it works. For several months, it didn’t, and no response to emails — not only emails sent to the Bloglet address, but also emails sent to the owner at Xanga (I think that’s where I found him.)
    I know this was not just my problem, as I saw complaints from other folks in several forums. Reliability is critical for a service like this, and since it is not, I can’t use it.

  2. Matt Avatar

    Ok, but most of my folks are not going to subscribe to an RSS feed… yet they do read their emails.
    So how do I get my posts into emails?
    I want people to be able to ‘subscribe’, and from then on, get an email a day (like Bloglet tries to do) with the new posts for the day. Blogger had a setting that sent me an email with a nice presentation of each post, when initially created. I could manually forward these, but that still stinks.
    Advice? thx.

  3. SB Avatar

    I found several alternatives — give me a day or so to hunt them up. My challenge was to find one to work with a private family site that is passworded, and I finally resorted to a Bravenet mailing list, which you don’t want to do — so I’ll have to go back & find my notes on the others.
    I’ll get back to you.

  4. Blogging Blog Avatar

    Notifying Readers of Updates

    Boglet is a lovely little tool, offering an easy interface for readers to subscribe to your blog for update notifications. This is very nice for readers who do not use something like Bloglines. It is automatic once set up, and

  5. SB Avatar

    I’ve done a quick post on those tools I’m familiar with:

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