Blogging Soldier Arrested in Iraq

[National Guardsman] Leonard [Clark] has been called in to his Commander’s office and threatened with court martial unless he stops posting his thoughts and opinions about the war in Iraq and President Bush. In addition he is being forced to take down his comments on his blog at the “request of his ranking officer.”

Leonard Clark’s blog.






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  1. John Charles Steinmuller Avatar

    As a ex military guy I agree with the this guys ranking officer. The military structure is set up for personnel to follow strict guide lines. Ones freedom in a military structure is not like yours or mine. Although he is entitled to have his opinions, expressing them in an online format is not proper behavior in the military structure. In order for enlistment personnel to function as a group especially during war, it is imperative to follow command. Verbally expressing oneself in a written format against command might be against the military code of conduct. Thats the way it was set up to function. Sorry I just can’t see someone verbally undermining the efforts of the military to protect this country. By the way I only spent four years in the Air Force when I was a young man. I served a tour of duty in Vietnam during that time. So my thoughts on this go way back.

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