Blogging Myth #2: Blogs are just online diaries.

Okay. Deep breath, Andy. And – exhale…

Blogs are more than diaries.

Relegating blogs to the dustbin of horny teen voyeur-cams and geek-addled techie rants is a huge dis-service to the blog format. Just because you can’t find good blogs to read doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

Blogs look like diaries.

No doubt. Entries. Archives. Chronological order. Penchant for personal revelations. But that just talks about the cosmetics. Look deeper.

The big deal is in how blogs are updated.

Shift your thinking from blogs, the site, to blogging, the practice. The idea that you can login from any internet connection in the world and publish anything you write, think, read, photograph, record or feel is a massive step forward for online publishing. The barriers to publishing online have been lowered. You don’t have to know HTML to write a blog. Sure, that means there’s a lot of amateur writing out there and pointless publishing – but how is that different from any low-entry-barrier medium like photography, photocopying or pirate radio? Don’t blame the media (blame the messengers!).

Moving from the published post to the act of blogging is key in understanding their impact. When anyone can say anything about anyone, the field is leveled and grandma can take down a national ad campaign by complaining how much their products stink. You, as a small business, have the potential to reach as many readers as The New York Times or other corporate, mainstream media channel. It is the original promise of the internet – all over again.

So, next time someone dismisses blogs as mere diaries – you tell ’em what’s up.

79 thoughts on “Blogging Myth #2: Blogs are just online diaries.

  1. Roseanne van Langenberg

    Congratulations on moving up a notch in life’s odometer, as you so quaintly describe it.
    It is so good to see that you use your considerable influence so wisely, in spreading the message as to the importance of including Blogs and RSS as crucial marketing/publishing tools.
    Have a great 30th birthday.

  2. Lyle

    Right on Andy!
    Oh, and wait till you turn 50!!
    Anyway, back to Blogging.
    Blogging is a tool for “Artists” — creative, unconventional, multi-talented, open-ended types with dendritic minds.
    Life is not linear.
    And, Blogging supports and enhances the non-linearity.
    Blog oN!

  3. Lisa

    You go, Andy! Thanks for reminding us there are no boundaries except those we create. I, too, like the creative aspects; although I think my dendrites have short-circuited!
    BTW – Turning 40 was different. Half over and all that rot… Live and love with higher things in mind and it’ll be worth it.
    Blog it, baby.

  4. elavil

    Finally we have a replacement for my long lost beloved riding crop! (The story about how I lost it is here if youÒre interested.)

  5. hgh

    I was thinking this afternoon about the old saw “A man wants all women for one thing, a woman wants one man for all things.”

  6. inderal

    PS I wonder how Blunkett would feel about the fact that this same person explained how she understood this way of using words by saying ÓitÒs the kind of thing Haider does in AustriaÔÅ

  7. lexapro

    Personally, IÒm on the side of the exterminators even though I have some sympathy for the people who report that they feel physical pain when they see apostrophes misused.

  8. lithium

    ItÒs the only time of the year I wish I had Sky to watch the whole terrible but unmissable award show live. We used to have Oscar parties to watch it all through the night!

  9. metformin

    I call him after the awards fiasco, very drunk and tired. “It’s not in the stars,” he says, explaining why it has been impossible for our paths to actually cross.

  10. morphine

    The Omaha World Herald is now running an online vote asking whether the judge was right. You can find a link to the story near the voting buttons at the bottom of the page.

  11. nexium

    What is this country coming to when itÒs only old gits like us (no, heÒs no relation) who can be bothered to utter a voice of dissent every now and then?

  12. paxil

    But the absolute, most dreadful Best Ex is the one who broke up with you for cheating, hasn’t spoken to you in years, and will be attending the upcoming wedding of two close mutual friends.

  13. prednisone

    Tim suggests that whatÒs special about Tom WatsonÒs blog is that heÒs the first politician to use a blog to tell us what he really thinks instead of just telling us whatÒs in his diary.

  14. prilosec

    i could easily excape, given the chance, but i thought it diplomatic to end the situation through a request, rather than through rebellion.

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