Blogging for Entrepreneurs

I’ve uploaded the audio from our call with Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing Group which includes:

  • The difference between business blogs and traditional personal blogs
  • Multiple strategies for building trust and reputation with weblog
  • The unique uses of blogs for solo professionas and entrepreneurs (versus larger businesses)
  • Key ways to promote your weblog to create traffic
  • Using a blog to network with colleagues and collaborators

Blogging for Entrepreneurs: Interview with Paul Chaney (55 minute mp3, 16 MB)
Updated: The folks at B-Spirit have posted an outline of the audio so you can find the quick points to jump to. Thanks! And I have total template envy for your site right now.
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  1. Business Opportunities Weblog

    Blogging for Entrepreneurs

    Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing Group: “Last Wednesday evening I had the privilege of being the guest speaker in a teleclass with Coachamatic’s Andy Wibbels on the subject of business blogging for solo entrepreneurs. Here’s a link to the audio…


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