Blogging and Public Relations

Finally got the audio mixed down from our interview last week with Steve Rubel from Micropersuasion.
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Blogging and Public Relations: Interview with Steve Rubel (28 minute mp3, 26 MB)
00:00 Introductions
02:29 Business cases for blogging
Blogs mentioned:

08:13 How blogs are changing PR

  • Traditional assembly line PR versus bloggers as influencers
  • Blogs as backchannel into mainstream press
  • Krptonite story
  • PubSub for listening to the blogosphere for your brand

12:43 Companies need to remember blogs are a human medium

17:39 Promoting your blog

Many of the links can be found on Steve’s site.
Huge big-ass thanks to everyone that joined the call and especially for Steve for letting us pick his brain for a spell.






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