Blogger – So What Level of Service Did You Expect For Free?

Like many others, I have a account and a fairly untended and lightly visited blog using the free Blogger platform. For me a couple of years ago it was a good way to get started. But now, even though (because?) it’s free, I don’t recommend Blogger to people wanting to get started with blogging for business, mainly because there are other services, such as Typepad, which Andy recommends, and BlogHarbor, which I recommend. At both Typepad and Blogharbor you can get an excellently featured, professional-looking blog, with very good support, for less than $15 a month.
As I’ve said about Blogger to more than one person: Yes, I know it’s free, but if the saying is true that you get what you pay for, what level of service do you expect for free?
A Ryze networking buddy of mine, Ken Lee of Professional Business Services, sent me a link today to an article in Wired Bloggers Pitch Fits Over Glitches , about problems people are currently having with Blogger. Makes interesting – and sobering – reading.
I have to say that I’ve noticed some very informative blogs which obviously use the Blogger technology. Let’s hope for the sake of all those valuable blogs – and for the people who get a start in blogging with what is undeniably a very good set of tools – that the Google owners of Blogger can get the glitches sorted out soon.






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    I think the well-knowns that still use blogger do so because they’re permalinks are at Blogger has always had hiccups due to its own success. I remember about three years ago when they had a fund-raising drive and we all chipped in to buy them a new server. Those were the days!

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