Blogger Ends ‘Pay Me to Blog’ Experiment

Jason Kottke asked folks to chip in and fund his blogging for a year – he raised nearly $40k. He’s ended the experiment and reports out:

I haven’t grown traffic enough or developed a sufficient cult of personality to make the subscription model a sustainable one for…those things just aren’t interesting to me…My (unstated) intention from the beginning was to approach the site as a startup, but along the way life intervened (in a good way) and I couldn’t focus on it as much as I wanted to. The site became a normal job, a 9-to-5 affair, which meant that I could keep up with it, but growth was hard to come by.

Reaction from Metafilter:

I donated and I regret it. Maybe the error was on my part in assuming that Jason was going to do something different when his site became his job. Nope. The fucker took our money and headed to Europe, Asia, and other places, and did absolutely nothing different on his site.


I count it as $30 well spent. Thanks, Jason.






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  1. FISK Avatar

    I gave at the office but if you’re into it I hear Andrew Sullivan is still taking donations.

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