Blog Usability: Promote Your Blog, Increase Traffic, Create Community

Jessica Hupp, posting at VirtualHosting, details a great list of tips to rev up your blog in her post entitled, The Ultimate Guide to Blog Usability: 36 Tips and Resources. In this well-organized, content-rich article, you’ll find great information relating to
• Links and Web Addresses (information about navigation, naming your blog, search capabilities, and making it easy for others to “digg” you)
• Author Information (tips on making it easy for people to connect with you)
• Design and Content (helpful advice so people will enjoy their visit and not click away from your blog)
• Tools, Resources and Examples (links to a variety of online resources)
There’s something for everyone here. Even if you think you’ve got everything in order, it might be helpful to use this list to make sure you’ve got everything in place.
Did you learn anything new from her article that might be helpful for your own blog? If so, let us know what it was and what you changed? With the New Year approaching, it might be a good time to make a few changes here and there.






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  1. Chelle Avatar

    The link goes to a 500 internal server error. Too bad, sounded like an interesting article.

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