Blog or Die?

Shel Israel and Microsoft ‘Geek Blogger’ Robert Scoble are writing a business blogging book online, with the working title (but maybe not for long) of ‘Blog or Die’.
In a bold move, they are posting the draft to their Red Couch blog, and inviting comments. Which they are getting.
In response to some of the comments, they are reconsidering the title. I liked the title, but maybe it’s a tad too dramatic and unsustainable for a wide-ish audience.
I like the general line of argument in their draft first chapter, ‘Village Blacksmiths of the Information Age’. Something far-reaching is happening with blogging, in business as elsewhere – ‘vital and strategic’ to business, in their words – and those in business who ignore this will, they say, suffer the business results the village blacksmith faced in a previous era.
The whole concept of blogging for business is evolving rapidly and there are many points of view, reminiscent of the debates and comments when business moved in on the Internet and the Web in the 90s.
The criticisms in the comments on ‘Blog or Die’ are generally thoughtful and constructive and the chapter, rough as it is, has some very interesting observations and illustrations, especially about ‘Conversational Marketing’ – worth a look.
The authors are still seeking comments. And if you have a better title they will no doubt be delighted – the link again is the Red Couch blog.






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