Blog Myth #3: Blog posts have to be really long.

Another easy-reach obstacle for would-be blogging superstars is that you have to write long, involved prose every day.
Because of the structure of blogs, they are great for managing a finer granuraity of web content than you’ll find on traditional websites.
Think of haikus – not novels.
A blog entry can be as simple as:
I found this over here here’s what I think about it.
I often let my blog reading lag for days and then do an hour or so binge of rooting through my favorite blogs and not really having time to write a super-thoughtful post on every item. I’m just adding the links to my blog for further reference or inspiration. So short and sweet:

  1. What you found – link to it. I’ll often quote a juicy passage as well.
  2. Where you found it – always polite to linkback to where you found it. Help the interconnectedness of all things online.
  3. Your opinion – why you might find it important or useful!

Or a post can be as long as an encounter group monologue.
The important thing is that you blog, often and honestly.
I’m serious about the haiku thing. Try it out sometime. Remember 5-7-5:
BlogNashville was fine.
It was miss-able at times.
Content is our friend.






3 responses to “Blog Myth #3: Blog posts have to be really long.”

  1. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Avatar

    Andy, again, you slay me! I love the “drama queen” reference. And the EGOS. My God MAN! You’re in the guru business. How can a conference exist without massive egos? I personally get very entertained by people and their over-the-top behavior. But I could be a little sick.

  2. Kim Nishida Avatar

    Andy, LOVE the haiku! I say the experience that inspired that nugget alone is worth the price of admission. Thanks for keeping the rest of us so well informed and, I might add, entertained.

  3. adela Avatar

    ‘andy’ equals ‘spot on’.
    X to the sev enth pow er .
    andy is Top Blogr.

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