Blog Marketing to Women

Full audio of our call with Yvonne Divita (38.9 MB, MP3).
00:00 Introductions – Yvonne Divita of Lipsticking Blog and Dickless

03:17 What is a blog? (Yvonne’s answer)

  • A blog is a ‘thin’, interactive website.

04:26 How did you get started blogging?

  • Dragged, kicking, screaming. Built Smart Marketing to Women website, didn’t want to do a newsletter – chose a blog instead. It immediately connected her to  book’s audience.

08:00 What are some tenets of online marketing/ecommerce for women?

  • Blogging as female-friendly, builds conversation/relationship.
  • Color palettes women respond to. You don’t just throw pink on everything.
  • GenXers talk to eachother even more than Boomers regarding online purchases.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Applies to both large and small businesses (women opening new businesses twice the rate of men). Men and women are building businesses together.
  • Flat companies instead of hierarchives/silos.
  • People are going to blog whether you like it or not.

17:00 Visibility with colleagues (Think Pink)

  • Connections with people from all over the world.
  • As publishing on demand becomes easier, your book is sometimes the first thing you produce (Yvonne has started Windsor Media Book).

21:30 How effective can this be for executive/personal coaches?

  • How do I maintain it everyday? It doesn’t have to be everyday or a full article.
  • Where do I get readers? From the community that you build by reaching out to other bloggers. It is like an online networking event.
  • Strategies that lead prospects to you (even if they don’t know about blogs)
  • Focus on solutions – not ‘coaching’.
  • Don’t forget about mis-spellings!

39:50 What is Yvonne’s focus?

  • Publishing company for authors.
  • Smart marketing to women.
  • Building blogs for business.

Also mentioned: David St. Lawrence released his book, Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day, online for free download.






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