BL Ochman Puts the Screws to Dell – And Gets a Response

BL has been blogging her frustration with Dell over the past few weeks – she finally got a phone call from tech support!

My phone call from Dell and the strategy that led to it are remarkable on several counts. Dell has realized that:
1- a single customer, even one who may have bought only one Dell computer, can influence other customers and potential customers worldwide and turn them off to the brand
2- social media gives customers the ability to reach other customers and potential customers directly, bypassing mainstream media
3- businesses live and die on the reputation among their customers, not by what bankers, brokers,stockholders, industry analysts, or mainstream media say about the company
4- on the Internet, content is forever.

That last one is a biggie. With permalinks and blogs and content management systems, content is easily stored, archived, indexed and propagated all over the place – yes: forever.






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