Bill O’Reilly on Blogs: ‘Garbage. Waste of time.’

Dirty talker and loofah fetishist, Bill O’Reilly discusses blogs. Well, I guess you can call this discussing.

AUTHOR BERNARD GOLDBERG: There are some conservatives on the list [�100 People Who Are Screwing Up America�], but there are mostly liberals. And when they could write unanimously on the Web, you know, a review or post.

O’REILLY: Blogs. I don’t even read them. I mean, it’s so outrageous.

GOLDBERG: It’s beyond — it’s beyond vile.

O’REILLY: Let’s go to the — look, that’s just a waste of time. You shouldn’t even read it. It’s garbage. Nobody cares about it. Everybody knows the simpletons who are doing it are cowards and they don’t have any influence.

Update: The blogger interviewed said it was (yet another) ambush setup from O’Reilly’s producers.






3 responses to “Bill O’Reilly on Blogs: ‘Garbage. Waste of time.’”

  1. Joe Taylor Jr. Avatar

    Ha! Which is why AOL just bought Weblogs, Inc. for eight figures. Because they’re such a waste of time. (So says PaidContent.)

  2. Ty Avatar

    Oh, you just wait Bill. You just wait.

  3. Joe Taylor Jr. Avatar

    Are there still folks that go on the Factor (or, for that matter, the Daily Show) that DON’T know the whole thing is staged? It may not be as obvious as Ali G, but come on!

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