At The ICF Conference…

Maryam Webster here reporting for Andy in his absence…or well, in absence of his laptop. We’re all here in San Jose at the ICF Conference and are meeting the most FABULOUS people! There’s talk of blogs, (and of blog carnivals – wait for it!) the Go Blogwild book, joint venturing, conference concatenation and what we’d like to see in terms of workshops for more advanced coaches. I’ve spent the last three days with Andy Wibbels, whom I do not see enough of, and can say that it has been some of the most pleasurable and educational time I’ve spent in months. We met for dinner the night before the ICF conference here in San Jose and discussed Chitika, The Book, the future of podcasting and the great outdoors at Spiedo, on San Carlos Street. We lapped up the fabulous bruschetta, pasta and lamb grigliata, setting a gourmet Italian food tone that was to continue in successive days.
Thursday saw the Multiple Streams of Coaching Income folks, Andrea Lee and Tina Forsyth, rolling out their new book “Pink Spoon Marketing” (cue supportive “hurrahs!” from the assembled crowd). I bought a copy of this very heavy-in-the-conference-bag tome and can’t wait to read it. The book is currently photocopied and looseleaf bound, though I suspect it will see perfect binding in short order. It also came with five CDs that a cursory skim-through listening told were worth the $297 conference price. It will be a joy to read the book and give a more thorough review. Susan Austin was on hand with the Blog-The-ICF-Conference project and disgruntled to find the wireless in the conference hall was not all it should have been. Undaunted, the effort goes on, this is my entry into the fray. I’ll speak for Andy as well as all the rest and say that though the day was tiring, it was very, very good to see friends we don’t ever see in person but once a year, but who are so dear to our hearts.
Friday, workshops were the last thing on people’s minds as networking, joint venturing and a very late lunch at Il Fornaio predominated. It’s White Truffle Oil month at Il Fornaio, and all who have ever heard my White Truffle Oil Blog Success Story know what *that* means. (grin) We dined with the scintillating company of Donna Steinhorn, Kim George, Sheri Horne, Stever Robbins and others in the know about good conversation, news of the industry and as ever, more Italian food. We stayed so long talking that they threw us out and we ended up back at the networking station outside the exhibition hall laughing ourselves silly and having a ton of fun. I’m to have Stever as my date at the Gala tomorrow night – he will be teaching me East Coast Swing while trying madly to follow my lead. Or something like that.
Tomorrow dawns bright and early and I am off to bed. All of us here are glad we came, but are musing upon at less expensive, more experienced-coach-content-rich ways of doing this more often. Who knows what might come out of it? I’m for a coaching retreat, where things get worked on but there is ample time for socializing, fun and room for opportunities to grow.
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3 responses to “At The ICF Conference…”

  1. Suzanne Falter-Barns Avatar

    Hey Maryam! So fun meeting you, my dear … I got a sense of mischevious high-level web mayhem from you — and look forward to checking out your blog as well. Forward ho! Suzanne

  2. Maryam Webster Avatar

    Hey Suzanne! It was a blast getting to meet you in person and seeing all the many things you’re up to. Mischevious mayhem – ha! You’re right. I look forward to reading you too and hanging out some more! Warmly, Maryam

  3. Donna Steinhorn Avatar

    Hey Andy,
    Yes Yes Yes. More ways for coaches to get together, talk, eat and laugh…I’m all for it.
    Missed you swing dancing with Stever (would have liked to see that)…but he and I did take a turn on the dance floor.
    Hi Maryam!

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