Article Writing Integrity Day

Tara and I were blabbing about how much article writing we need to be doing and thought we’d do an integrity day next Saturday to get ourselves on track.
For those that have never done an integrity day, that means we meet on the phone every hour for several hours – checking in for a few minutes and then working like crazy in between calls. The idea is that it is easier to get stuff done when you have a group of folks all working and checking-in hourly.
Saturday November 5th from 10 am EST to 4 pm EST (with a lunch break of course!).
Dial-in to 440-389-9715, extension 834.
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  1. Kerry Hales Avatar
    Kerry Hales

    Hi Andy,
    What a fantastic idea! I was just talking to a friend of mine about this exactly – how to work like a team – when working alone! and then I checked out NCC and you were there – synchronicity! fab. Speak to you tomorrow – yikes I best get ideas flowing!
    thanks again,

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