AOL Email Addresses Are For Losers

I’m gonna go out on a limb here.
I think that people that are using AOL email addresses for their professional email are complete losers. Maybe I should be nicer and say that they are simply ignorant of how to set up their email. Or they are just cheap.
I just got an email from a marketing guru (who is teaching a blogging course just like mine for over $600) and his email address is If he such a freaking guru, then why the hell can’t he afford email at his own domain? Tacky, tacky.
If you use an AOL email address for your business and are offended: sorry. Getting email set up at a registered domain is not really that hard. And you could probably pay a neighborhood geek a whopping $50 to set it up for you.






2 responses to “AOL Email Addresses Are For Losers”

  1. April Avatar

    I agree. And I will add to your tacky list – hotmail and yahoo addresses. I can perfectly understand why consumers use such generic addresses to make purchases, but I think it’s incredibly unprofessional to use one for a business address. I always use my email address with my domain name; afterall, it’s a free advertisement, and that outweighs the spam issue any day!

  2. Jerry Avatar

    When I was in business I used as a charter member. I kept is because over the years folks continued to use it. I kept it as well as others. Not cheap just made good business sense.
    I later retired and now use I kept handle (catco) which is a acronym for Catanzano comunity.

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