Anti-RIAA Manifesto

Gadgeteers at Gizmodo are announcing a boycott of the recording industry for the month of March and have launched a manifesto for their grievances. Clippings:

The goal of the RIAA’s lawsuits is to make people so afraid of being sued that they will stop downloading music. However, in their lawsuits they circumvent the law and extort money from people who haven’t been given the benefit of a legal trial.

In an effort to keep people from sharing legally purchased music, DRM actually goes much farther than copyright law dictates, denying paying customers the fair use of the music they buy. You should be able to do what you want with an album once you’ve paid for it; like a CD or a record, you now own it for life.

That’s because the era of the major label is over. Why should a new band want to sign with one? They no longer need a $50,000 recording budget; more sophisticated and powerful home recording equipment and software is released every day. Music videos are cheaper to shoot and edit as well due to the lowered costs of cameras and computers.

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