Andy Sernovitz’s Word of Mouth Marketing Seminar – DISCOUNT!

Andy Sernovitz (blog), author of Word of Mouth Marketing and general marketing bad-ass is hosting a small-group word of mouth marketing seminar. Usually he only does private training for companies at a very large price, so this is a rare chance for 50 people to get the best introduction to word of mouth that there is.

We’ve arranged for a $250 discount for our clients. Use code "weloveblogwild" when you register.

This is a very practical, hands-on course. In one intense day, you will:

  • Master the five steps of word of mouth marketing
  • Construct an action plan that your company can start using the very next day
  • Get the same training that big corporations (Microsoft, TiVo, eBay) have received — for a fraction of what they paid
  • Know how to translate word of mouth marketing into real ROI
  • Participate in an active, intense day of practical brainstorming (not boring theory)
  • Learn from Andy Sernovitz, the guy who literally wrote the book on word of mouth marketing

Andy promises you will learn a repeatable, proven marketing framework that is easy to execute, affordable, and provides measurable results within 60 days.

More information:

Chicago: July 30 and September 4

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6 responses to “Andy Sernovitz’s Word of Mouth Marketing Seminar – DISCOUNT!”

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  2. Tangjewelry Avatar

    I like your article, I hope more and more articles on your web,

  3. Andy Sernovitz's Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That! Avatar

    With a little help from my friends … part 2…

    As I explained in the previous post, the most wonderful thing about bloggers is that we all help each other. I asked my friends for help promoting our Word of Mouth Crash Course, and they did! Next time you’re being…

  4. helfin Avatar

    Yes, it a great seminar i think.. marketing is essential for everything business..i like your post…thanks

  5. Jeff Avatar

    Sounds like a fantastic event and I completely agree, bloggers help each other out!!! Andy I read your blog daily and love it! I might recommend this page for the contents of another blogpost…

  6. Aaron Wall Avatar

    I have always thought of Seth Godins Purple cow as Richard Branson flying the balloon. It is translation of context to coalesce with content and the current times.

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