Amazon Drops Bombshell on Print-on-Demand Publishers

From Oreilly: (found via MeFi)

But today’s news from Amazon about Print-on-Demand is the latest move from Amazon revealing a trend toward much more aggressive explicit lock-in attempts. Amazon has effectively told publishers that if they wish to sell POD books on Amazon, they must use Amazon as the POD printer. Small/self publishers are unsurprisingly feeling bullied.






2 responses to “Amazon Drops Bombshell on Print-on-Demand Publishers”

  1. Anne Kaplan Avatar

    I loathe bullies, whether the corporate, medical, or playground variety. Best response? Walk away.
    There’s no good reason one must buy from Amazon, and I no longer shall. There are lots of other good booksellers out there.

  2. Don Avatar

    Typical corporate mentality!
    Motivated by greed operating out of fear.
    The self publishing world must be eating their lunch for them to do something like this.
    Needless to say I’m not surprised.

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