Advice to Recent College Grads

Drew’s compilation is ready for download:

I asked my readers to take pity on all the college students who were about to start their first real job hunt. I suggested that the greatest graduation gift we could collectively offer was tough lessons learned, insights and practical tips. "Let’s give them a fighting chance," I said. Boy, did they bring it on! 50 pages of sage advice. All for grads. All for free. Get it while the getting’s good!

Download it for free now (smaller file w/o pictures).






2 responses to “Advice to Recent College Grads”

  1. Drew McLellan Avatar

    Thanks for helping spread the word! I hope you and your readers find some value and insight in the offerings.
    Lots of collective wisdom. Thanks for being one of the contributors!

  2. Jan Richards Avatar

    Just skimmed…our daughter just graduating now. Great advice…wish I’d had it myself when I first flew free of the ivy-covered walls.
    Thanks, Andy and Drew.

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