Advice to New College Grads

Drew put out a call for advice to new college grads:

I shake my head at the mistakes the grads make while trying to vie for my attention.  So I decided we (yes WE) could give them a gift that will put that digital camera to shame.  We can help them get that job. 1) How I landed my first job (war/success story) 2)  What I wish I knew when I was trying to get my first job 3) My advice for someone trying to break into the marketing/advertising business 4) Words of wisdom about careers in general.

Here’s mine:

If you don’t immediately work in your chosen field realize that you aren’t ‘above’ socializing with your colleagues. I had an attitude that ‘this isn’t what I really want do to’ so I didn’t cement relationships with my co-workers. The big realization is: People leave companies – and they often need to hire new people at their new companies. Stay in contact.

Take full advantage of education and professional development offered by your employer. I wish I’d gotten my MBA in the several years I’d worked at a large Fortune 500 company. I dawdled when I could have a grad degree by now – and they’d’ve paid for it.

As for breaking into marketing I really have no idea since my marketing training is all informal. I’d say read as much current lit as you can on the next phases of marketing. I’m guessing so much of what is taught in marketing curricula is dead in the water when measured against the current mediascape.

Learn how to navigate assholes. Every industry has assholes – and often you will have to work for them. Build boundaries to keep them at a distance but work with them. Document everything in case you have to do your due diligence with HR.

Relationships rule. It isn’t who you know. It isn’t what you know. It is who knows what you know and what you can do. Impress extroverts.

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  1. Drew McLellan Avatar

    Great advice — especially about not burning bridges. The world is too small for that!
    I appreciate you sharing your experience and pointing folks to my post so they can add to the e-book’s value.

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