Add Extra Fields to WordPress Author User Profiles

I wanted to add fields to the author profiles in WordPress so users can input their city, state/province and country. So glad to find these plugins: Usermeta and Userextra.
Drop them into plugins and activate
Go to Options > Userextra and add your extra fields.
Now users will see an extra option under My Account called Extended Profile.
You can then grab this data as metadata with specific tags.






5 responses to “Add Extra Fields to WordPress Author User Profiles”

  1. Jayant Kumar Gandhi Avatar

    The plugins are no longer accessable for download. Could you please send these 2 plugins to me?

  2. Ted Avatar

    I’d also like to get my hands on these plugins. Could you e-mail them to me?

  3. Ray Avatar

    I’d also like to get on that list 🙂 Anyway you could send them to me as well. Thanks in advance.

  4. Kev Avatar

    Hi Andy
    Not sure if you will be able to help but maybe you know somewhere else I could try.
    I have installed the usermeta and userextra plugins on my blog but not sure what to do next.
    They are activated and I have an extended profile section within my wordpress dashboard area.
    The things I would like info on if possible are:-
    Where and how do I add new fields?
    How do members access these fields? through the extended profile section?
    I have tried everywhere to try and get information on how this can be done but no luck so far.
    Any help much appreciated

  5. Kev Avatar

    Sorted, got some unexpected help

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