75% Blog Pings are Spam

In an effort to up my weekly posting of words with the suffix -log:

As shown in the charts below pings from blogs average around 8K per hour and those from splogs average around 25K. Clearly almost 3 out of 4 pings are spings! Going back further to the source of these spings, we observed that more than 50% of claimed blogs pinging weblogs.com are splogs.

Did we really have to have invite the word sping?






2 responses to “75% Blog Pings are Spam”

  1. Jean Avatar

    You talk about sblog but your site comes dangerously close to exactly that. Look above. You have two lines of text that are original and the rest is something you quoted from somewhere else. In that copy it tells you to view the chart below…there is none. Where was the value? The other day you blogged about asking people to vote for your blog. I didn’t because I find little value here.

  2. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    Spam blogs are automated content produced for the purpose of garnering high search engine rankings. All of my content is hand-selected and moderated with no automation. If you find no value, don’t read it (or read the archives).

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