5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog (with Yvonne Divita)

Transcript available in PDF (198 KB) and HTML (63 KB) format.

As part of the outreach for Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging, I’m hosting a free series of expert calls with some of the top blogging brainiacs out there. Our first call is with Yvonne Divita from Lipsticking blog, a blog devoted to marketing to women.






23 responses to “5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog (with Yvonne Divita)”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Finally! A call about how to get people to all the “wonderful stuff we write”!! I often wonder…if I write and nobody is listening will anyone care? Just kidding – glad to know you have an expert on the topic! Sorry I am just reading about this call and I look forward to the recording! Thanks!

  2. Pamela Stewart Avatar

    I really appreciated the traffic-building ideas in this interview. I had never heard of “carnavals” besides the ones that sell cotton candy and have games where you knock down a bottle with a baseball for a stuffed animal. Now I am inspired to both host and contribute to a couple of carnavals.
    I also cracked up when I went to Yvonne’s website and read the title of her book, Dickless Marketing. Thanks for being bold Yvonne and pushing us all out of our comfort zones.
    I look forward to the rest of the interviews leading up to the release of Blog Wild.

  3. re gleason Avatar

    Yvonne’s interview was dynamite and will be very helpful to this very new newbie. Thanks for making the effort and bringing forth this great and informative discussion.

  4. Business Blogs: How to Build A Better Blog Avatar

    Yvonne DiVita Talks About Traffic

    … to your blog, that is. Yvonne DiVita of Lipsticking was recently interviewed by Andy Wibbels. Between the treadmill and a drive to a networking luncheon, I was finally able to hear the entire podcast. Though much was basic and

  5. Krishna De Avatar

    5 strategies to get more traffic to your blog was a great podcast.
    What struck me was that just as we have to plan our business development, marketing and networking activities to grow our business, extending that plan to in-corporate your blog posts can drive more traffic to your blog.
    By creating a calendar for your blog posts, you never need to be stuck on what to write again.

  6. Olga Farber Becker Avatar

    What struck me, was: what a waste of time! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I mean, really: what if Yvonne uses a blog scheduling tool and writes this Monday a post for this and the next Monday, this Tuesday for this and the next Tuesday etc., then:
    1. Yvonne’s speed of creating the second post will be much greater as the focus for the subject will be there already and probably the material, too;
    2. Yvonne will have an entire (next) week to do whatever her heart is pleased to do! Or, as Bill Glazer puts it, “take the time to work *on* the business instead of working *in* the business…”
    And what if Yvonne makes posts for an entire month? No, I realize, that sometimes we write really timely topics, but more often it’s something that *could* be written and scheduled in advance.
    What do you think?
    P.S. Thank you for the Blog Carnivals info, that was very interesting.

  7. danny Avatar

    Intesting, I suppose. Here’s a blog on how to not get traffic to your blog.

  8. ifechukwu Avatar

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  9. William Avatar

    Hi ifechukwu,
    Social bookmarking is the keyword…
    – William ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Don Simkovich Avatar

    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. It confirms that one of the techniques I use is worth while pursuing – that is, doing interviews. I want to keep the focus, and perhaps strengthen the focus, real life tips from real people on business, money and real estate.
    Also, I had read where link love and carnivals weren’t considered “professional” so I stopped doing them. But then I decided they did help build my traffic so I started again but I put the links under categories.

  11. Michael Woo Avatar

    This is really resourceful esp when my blog only hit 70ish to 90ish of unique hits per day..
    Hopefully I can increase it to maybe 1000 hits by christmas and that would be the best xmas present!
    Testing out your techniques ๐Ÿ˜€

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