5 Things to Do Everyday to Be Successful

Memetime! Ellen has tagged me for Aaron’s Simply Success Secrets meme:

Aaron’s rule is to write about the top 5 to 10 things we do almost everyday to be successful. These can be things we do every day or at least 4 to 5 times per week.

Here are mine:

Write a morning journal. I’ve journaled pretty consistently for about 10 years and have a huge stack of notebooks in the closet (only Mead comp books + Pilot pens will do). I’ve noticed my handwriting in the past year has gotten worse – worse than usual. But I try to maintain that it isn’t always the writing as much as the Sit still and move the pen across the page. Writing is meditation, meditation is writing. If you’re prayerful, try writing your prayers out. Make your affirmations a laboratory – I usually get a 3 day return on affirmations. Longer return rate for larger endeavors.

Go to the gym. If my 16 year old self saw the gymbunny/rat I am today he wouldn’t believe it. I’m currently attempting the Hot Point Fitness program (still can’t get the cardio and the weights in on one day). Going to the gym (or running outdoors) is simple: Go to a public place.

Move a distance quickly or lift something heavy. Especially for people in their 60s and 70s, research is showing that your bones can get stronger with moderate weight lifting (the stress on the bones causes them to fortify stronger). I go everyday simply because I’m not good at 3 days on or every-other-day – it is best if I just go every day. If you are depressive this will help you a lot too – also with anxiety – it gets all your morning-jumpies out of the way. Don’t be scared of the weights – and girls don’t be scared about getting burly: it takes a lot of training for women to get all Linda Hamilton/T2. Don’t be intimidated by burly guys in the free weights area – chances are they have the girliest voices you’ve ever heard. And be sure to help when they ask you: "Can you thpot me on my bench preth?"

Hydrate constantly. I have a Dasani water bottle next to me at all times. I probably get a new one each week (germophobes will want to use a new one each time – if not just be sure to rinse with hot water or spray in some cleaner and rinse alot). You can never drink enough water. Well you can break your brain if you upset your blood salinity – but for the most part you can never have enough water. And if you like those fruity Fuji bottles then by all means buy one – you’re gonna use it for a week anyway.

Turn off CNN. I’m a news junkie. You might be a soaps junkie. Or a weather junkies. Often the first step towards me really getting down to work is to turn off the telly. It is just going to repeat in another 30 minutes. Even if you are in love with Anderson Cooper, he repeats at night again, too.

Time with kids, family, pets. There is something so soothing about the purr of a cat – for others it might be playing with pets – kids – family. Or listening to Ron’s heartbeat when he’s taking a nap. There are some sensations that involve other living things around you that instantly ground you in the now and remind you that your body isn’t just a flesh-wagon for your brain. Those are mine.

Let’s see who I should tag… Andrea J. Lee (and/or TinaF) Joe Taylor Lisa Wilder Peter Flaschner Sharon Sarmiento Jim Kukral.






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  1. Aaron M. Potts Avatar

    Thanks a bunch for your contribution to the Simply Successful Secrets project.
    I’m with you about working out every day. If I try to do it every other day, it just messes up my schedule, plus if you miss a day, then you’re WAY off.
    I also loved what you said about involving the living things around you. No man is an island, as it were, and grounding yourself in the life that we each share with other life forms is a GREAT habit.
    Thanks again, Andy!

  2. Martha Garvey Avatar

    Consider yourself linked…
    Coffee = success.
    Good coffee = great success.

  3. beth hanishewski Avatar

    my two bits on the 5 things…
    1. be quiet. create a “gap between thought to allow divinity to slip in” (deppok)
    2. be open. be willing to receive new ideas, opportunities or inspiration that is even better than I planned.
    3. be feminine. do things in line with who I am (which is not a man)
    4. be present. stay focused on where I am, what I have and what I want to grow.
    5. be big. playing small does not serve me or fulfill my dharma.

  4. Lou Bortone Avatar

    Good stuff, as always. Thanks, Andy.
    I’ll throw out five in honor of the beginning of baseball season…
    1. Swing for the fences.
    2. Don’t be afraid to get dirty.
    3. Play hard.
    4. It ain’t over til it’s over.
    5. Above all, have fun!
    Play ball! – Lou B.

  5. Elizabeth M. Johnson Avatar

    Hi Andy–
    I love this thread.
    5 things to do everyday for success:
    1) *Keep a gratitude journal*. Jot down 5 things that you are grateful for. The beauty of this activity is these 5 can be anything and it’s easy to commit to because it’s short!
    2) *Take a risk*. Any risk, small, big, whatever. Pay a stranger a compliment, switch to a different radio station, call a long-lost friend.
    3) *Ask for more*. More time with a loved one, more money, more healthy foods in your diet. Asking for more gets you into the habit of accepting only what’s really good!
    4) *Dress yourself so you feel good*. Leave the house only in clothes and accessories that really reflect your Authentic Self. Don’t compromise on this. How we look impacts how we feel about ourselves in a major way.
    5) *Speak and live from a place of authenticity*. Don’t hush up from sharing a complaint or a compliment. Speak your mind. Choose a life that reflects who you really are.

  6. Dina Avatar

    5 Things to Do Everyday for Success:
    1) Be thankful by showing Gratitude-
    After watching the secret every morning I begin my day (as I am getting out of bed) by saying I am grateful for all the things I have. I am grateful for: my good health, the house I live in, for having enough food, my family, and my blessing of the wonderful things I have in my life.
    2) Visualize color lights:
    Whilst in the shower I picture the universe reflecting light on me
    White light cleansing and giving me good positive energy.
    Green light lots of money flying around me and successful opportunities.
    Pink for love attracting the image I have of my sole mate and people assisting me in life.
    Its my time I spend to visualize, to attract what I want in my life.
    3) Coffee:
    Enjoying a good cup of coffee every morning, the smell of coffee and the taste …………
    4) Take the time to feel good regardless of the feelings in the morning
    I make sure I dress nicely, doll up, make my self look good and feel good before I go anywhere.
    5) Smile and laugh
    Watch comedy movies, anything on TV that makes you laugh
    Tell jokes to colleagues; hang out with pleasant funny people,
    Smile at others and they will smile at you 🙂
    Look in the mirror when you look good and feel you will automatically see your – self smile.

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