5 Most Annoying Windows Programs (IE, Outlook, Adobe Reader, iTunes, RealPlayer)

From the download squad:

For the love of Apple, why is iTunes such a cow of an application? It is a media player! It should be light and the media should be heavy. Instead we have a bloated and increasingly complex application that takes so long to load, is so ugly, and takes up so much memory the only option is to not use it and pull up Pandora. And let’s not even talk about the painful process of syncing a new iPod using this pile of cowplop.






4 responses to “5 Most Annoying Windows Programs (IE, Outlook, Adobe Reader, iTunes, RealPlayer)”

  1. Maryam Webster Avatar

    I have been looking and looking and LOOKING and have yet to find a realistic swap-out for iTunes. After it repetitively hijacked my system without permission to make itself the default player, (which is just infuriating) I shredded it several months ago and haven’t updated my iPod since with iTunes. I will never buy music through your store, iTunes, I will never use your clunky, nasty, self-satisfiedly smug little applicaton again.
    Question: I have a third party iTunes knockoff app, but it isn’t the best work around. Anyone know of a good piece of shareware that will completely REPLACE iTunes?

  2. Raj Avatar

    I think the “5005 most annoying bloggers who write annoying lists all the time” would be a more entertaining article. Get on that, will ya?

  3. Deborah Carraro Avatar

    I find them all annoying – especially my Outlook which dings incessantly all day and flashes annoying previews of emails I really don’t want in the first place yet the sad part is I’m am oddly addicted to the little bells and whistles.

  4. Renee Pit Avatar

    Instead of iTunes, change to Linux-Ubuntu and use ‘gtkpod’ for your iPod.

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