12 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You’ll Actually Use

Firefox logo in jigsaw puzzle

Sitting here waiting for the New Year and Ron to get back from the airport. Typed this out:

I live my life in Firefox and Outlook and mostly Firefox. Here’s a few keystrokes combos I use to be more of a browser-ninja.

  1. Ctrl N or ⌘N to open a new browser window.
  2. Ctrl T or ⌘T to open a new tab.
  3. Ctrl Tab to cycle through open tabs. Hold down the control key and tab Tab to advance.
  4. Shift Ctrl Tab to cycle backwards through open tabs.
  5. Ctrl L or ⌘L to put the cursor in the address bar.You don’t have to take your hand off the keyboard to grab the mouse and click it.
  6. Press the Spacebar scrolls to the next screen of content. Be sure your cursor isn’t in a field.
  7. Alt Tab or ⌘Tab to cycle through open applications. Not really Firefox-specific, but when you have tons of windows open it helps to find where you are. Add a Shift to cycle backwards.
  8. Alt Left Arrow to go back to the previous page in your history.
  9. Alt Right Arrow to go forwards in your browsing history.
  10. Cltr + to increase text size. Ctrl – reduces it.
  11. Ctrl W to close a browser tab.
  12. Ctrl S to save the current web page to your hard drive. If you want the full page save the ‘complete’ page which will grab the images and media as well. Otherwise it just grabs the HTML.

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