#1 Way to Improve Your Writing

I am so guilty of this. I don’t use the active voice when I blog. I don’t even know if I can recognize it. Lori at Blogcritics has a tutorial:

Use the active voice. Instead of saying, “The running back was tackled by the linebacker,” say, “The linebacker tackled the running back.” The passive voice moves the actor (subject) away from the action (verb) and makes it seem like the whole world sits around waiting for something to happen.

Other tips include getting feedback, sleeping on your writing, use simple/strong verbs, and put the important part first!
Full article: One Simple Rule for Improving Your Writing

2 thoughts on “#1 Way to Improve Your Writing

  1. Andy Wibbels

    Sweet Jesus I still mix up its and it’s. And don’t bother explaining it to me. I’ve bookmarked a page on it on my browser.
    I also ‘hear’ what I say in my head before I write it so there/their/they’re is a bugaboo too!


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