#1 Rank in Google in 2 Days

I’m not a mean person. But sometimes I get a little vindictive.
I’d ordered two books from an Amazon seller onlinebooks2004. And the books didn’t arrive. 1 week overdue, 2 weeks overdue. No response from emailed queries. Nothing.
I checked the purchase receipt in my email and found that it gave me an email address ending in johngodel.com – I checked who the domain is registered to and found a valid address and zip code if I thought it’d be fun to prosecute mail fraud. I checked his seller profile – which I should have mulled over a little more closely – to see his terrible history of taking the money and running.
So on the 18th I posted a rant on my personal blog (contains inappropriate language) about what a crook and schlep this guy is in the hopes that if other potential buyers search for his name, they’ll find my warning.
Within 2 days I was the number one result for the search for the guy’s name. Already, 6 similarly ripped off consumers have found my page and left comments to say they’ll never trust this guy again.
Yep. Google in 2 days.
Lesson #1: Only order from Amazon sellers with high high ratings.
Lesson #2: Always sensibly title blog posts to get higher Google-Fu.
Looking forward – maybe I should construct a page for that design client that ended up being an ex-con and tried to cheat me out of $11K.






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