Gang War in Blogistan

Well-read political blogger Markos made a rather callous
about the violence in Fallujah in Iraq. The comment was immediately
picked up, ripped up, sliced, diced and before it was all over, opposing webloggers
had ganged up on him and his advertisers had dumped him and the policial blogging
scene was in a tight little gang war.

Kerry’s blog dumped him
and he eventually issued a
. Commentary on K5:

Because it was a real new type of moment for the “blogospehere.” Kos suddenly
realized that he
can’t get away with saying anything crazy just because he is running a blog.

I never even realized this type of thing could happen online…and I don’t
like it.

Sure – it’s mostly gossip for those that don’t care – but, it shows the kind
of momentum (creative as well as destructive) that can be made from passionate,
candid blogging on a burning issue.

You’ll find the top blogs out there are about politics. This is because politics

  • a constant daily influx of things to blog about as well as
  • a connection
    to strong, emotions and controversy.

What parts of your business, industry, hobby or life awake emotions in yourself
and your audience? Actually – substitute passion for emotions – leaves it a
little more neutral. You don’t have to be an Al Franken or Bill O’Reilly to
awaken a response from your readers – just unabashedly passionate about what
you write about.