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How to Build a Simple Apache Solr Search App

My coworker Erik Hatcher put together a three-part series on how to build a basic search app in Apache Solr with just a few simple commands.

Getting data into Solr using bin/post: Erik walks through basic ingestion and indexing of getting your data into your Solr index with the power of Solr 5’s new bin/post utility.

Visualizing search results: /browse and beyond: Solr 5 has an easier /browse function so you can quickly run searches in the browser to see how your data has been indexed.

Putting it together realistically: example/files: A Concrete Useful Domain-Specific Example of bin/post and /browse: Remember the old Google Desktop app that would index and search your hard drive with the power of Google? Erik shows you how to build your own version of that with Apache Solr.

Best Apache Solr Blog Posts of 2015

Just put together an ombnibus post on the blog at work of the best writing from the past year. Includes Solr authentication, Hadoop connectors, facets and stats, Docker, Spark, and increasing indexing and performance.

#10. Focusing on Search Quality at Lucene/Solr Revolution 2015

#9. Apache Solr 5.0 Highlights

#8. Solr on Docker

#7. Open Source Hadoop Connectors for Solr

#6. Solr as an Apache Spark SQL DataSource

#5.Hey, You Got Your Facets in My Stats! You Got Your Stats In My Facets!!

#4. Solr 5’s new ‘bin/post’ utility

#3. Solr Suggester

#2. Indexing Performance in Solr 5.2

#1. Securing Solr with Basic Authentication