Adding Your Blog to Technorati

Technorati is a website that keeps tabs on over 1.8 million weblogs
and websites all over the world and creates a ‘cosmos’ so you can see
what’s being linked to as well as what’s linking to you.

If you are have a blog you can add it to Technorati easily:

Claiming a Blog

Go to and sign-up. Upon completion of the
sign-up process you are immediately logged into the site.

To add your blog click on Claim A Blog.

Enter in the URL of your weblog and click on the Claim this weblog

Technorati emails you a snippet of code to add to the front page of
your weblog. This is how it works:

Claiming a blog is a process of you telling Technorati, ‘Hey, this
is my blog… see? I added that code you told me to – that proves I’m
the owner of this blog.” After you add the code, the next time
Technorati goes out and checks for updates from blogs it sees your code
and says: ‘Yep! That’s you!’ and links your Technorati profile with
your weblog. You can link multiple weblogs to one Technorati profile.

Adding Your Technorati Code to a TypePad Blog

The easiest way is to add your Technorati Code to your blog’s
blogroll or an existing TypeList. Don’t forget that if you create a new
TypeList you have to actually add it to your template’s Content (as
well as position using Order if you want).

Using Technorati

Now you can see all the other blogs that are linking to you from one place. Here’s a the current ‘cosmos’ for my personal weblog. Note that Technorati tells you who is linking to you as well as when the link first appeared.