Zookoda Blog/Email Newsletter Service Debuts

From the inbox:

Zookoda is a web-based email marketing application designed specifically for blog publishers. Zookoda’s core function is to drive traffic back to the blog owners site, by providing summary (“teaser”) content in an email newsletter. Zookoda is all about providing the blog owner with a marketing / promotion solution aimed at building community / loyalty and driving traffic back to the site. Zookoda is an on-ramp for blog owners – we drive traffic and exposure back to the blog.

From the features list it looks good: controls bounces, schedule recurring broadcasts, double opt-in and it supports multiple blogs. Take it for a spin!






3 responses to “Zookoda Blog/Email Newsletter Service Debuts”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Sounds great, I will have to check it out.

  2. Pat Graham-Block Avatar

    Looks interesting and wonder if they will decide to charge in the future?
    Thanks Andy for keeping up with what’s NEW and HOT! 😉
    Pat Graham-Block

  3. Scott Avatar

    So . . . if I understand Zookoda’s functionality, it uses “push” email in addition to an RSS or Atom feed to keep a blog’s new content in front of readers.
    For those who were scared at a young age by feeds and aggregators or who can’t spell XML, Zookoda is just another subscription option that is less scary.
    From a blog owner’s perspective, this option returns much more reader information (e-mail address) than a web feed. That is valuable.
    My only concern is the pricing model for Quivamail (Zookoda’s sister product) is not competitive. Their site’s explanation of their pricing also contains an error. It reads:
    “Broadcasting your graphical email to 2000 recipients will cost 5.95 plus 2c per recipient (200 x 2c = $4) a total cost of $9.95”
    Broadcasting 2000 messages for $4 is realistic. $40 is not competitive with services like Constant Contact. Zookoda will someday either become ad-based or subscription-based, but its model should not resemble Quivamail’s.
    For me, the “killer app”is a web sign-up script that feeds a web contact manager (CRM) app, that creates HTML e-mail with a text alternative for Blackberry users, and tracks bounces, click-troughs, and opens.
    Please let me know if you’ve seen one of these creatures during your surfs.

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