Youth Wasted on the Young, So is Bandwidth

I remain stunned that MySpace is still as slow as it is. Do people really have that much time to sit there and wait for this thing to load?






One response to “Youth Wasted on the Young, So is Bandwidth”

  1. Aaron M. Potts Avatar

    I used to have thoughts about using MySpace to grow various business ventures via networking (i.e. – NOT spamming profiles), but finding anything via a keyword search on MySpace is all but useless.
    Add to that the fact that you have wait for all of the bells, whistles, glitters, songs, videos, and slide shows to load before you can even find out if you are interested in the profile that you are viewing, and I gave it up completely.
    I’m working on building a new system that will have MySpace perks but without all of the extraneous crap.

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