Write a Book in 45 Days and Other Ways to Blow Your Own Mind

My two girlfriends, Andrea and Tina are letting us in on their secret process on how they wrote a book in 45 days. This is the process they used to write Money, Meaning and Beyond. And I know they aren’t joking because this is in the middle of Tina’s impending motherhood (congrats!) and at the same time that Andrea was planning a global conference on collaboration.
As such, we would like to invite you to attend our summertime “Conference for the Price of a Book”.
The theme is “Money, Meaning and Beyond: Tapping Into the Unexpected” and it’s a gathering of hearts, minds and bodies via teleconference once a week for the next 5 weeks… starting next week with the already promised ‘How we Wrote a Book in 45 Days’.
Starting June 28, 2006, we’ll meet together to delve into the world of sustainable money and meaning, as introduced in the new book Money, Meaning and Beyond.
5 Wednesdays, from 400 to 455 PM Eastern (100 to 155 PM Pacific) starting June 28 and ending August 2, 2006 (no call July 5)
Location: Virtually, from Your Own Telephone, or via MP3 recording ‘after the show’
Dial in Number: 641-297-7200 PIN 608443
About The Teleconference Content:
Each practical call will be delivered personally by Andrea with a combination of how-to steps and everyday business principles that may surprise you – these are mundane things like salad bowls, frogs and even your sex life that are easy and natural to ‘latch onto,’ even as they light a firecracker inside your head. This is the key to integrating them into your everyday reality!
Plus, you may be interested to know that the 5 hours of Teleconference content covers the *most* requested and specific business-building topics we get, period.
Each topic regularly commands consulting fees of thousands of dollars to implement, but for this unique occasion we are making the material available to create a special momentum. See for yourself:
TeleConference #1: How We Wrote (And Published) Our 2nd Book in 45 Days (And You Can Too)
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006 from 400 to 455 PM Eastern (100 to 155 PM Pacific)
Tap into the concept of the “Gravy Pan” and start acting on a do-able plan to publish your own book quickly and easily. We’ll share the specific tools we used so you can cut to the chase.
TeleConference #2: Thirty Ways to Get Your Mailing List To Respond (To The Benefit of Your Bottom Line)
Wednesday, July 12, 2006 from 400 to 455 PM Eastern (100 to 155 PM Pacific)
If you’re a parent, or have ever been a child, did you know how have a very special skillset you can apply to your mailing list? We’ll cover 30 ways to “Nag Your Way to Success…” and get your mailing list to respond, the way you want.
TeleConference #3: 10 Differences Between a Virtual Assistant Who Costs You Money and a VA Who Makes You Money
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 from 400 to 455 PM Eastern (100 to 155 PM Pacific)
This advanced topic is profound yet simple. And we’ll share a “Lesson from a Golf Course” to help you make the shift. If you want to make a big difference in your business, you will be building a team. Would you recognize a great team member if they were standing in front of you? You can.
TeleConference #4: 10 Reasons to Weave Coaching Into a Non-Coaching Business: For Immediate Effect
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 from 400 to 455 PM Eastern (100 to 155 PM Pacific)
A popular topic for non-coaching businesses who appreciate the benefits of a ‘coaching approach.’ Everyone from a tattoo parlor to a printer ink reseller can earn more money by understanding coaching from the inside-out. And hey, in addition to 10 Reasons, we’ll also give you at least 3 *ways* you can get started…sound like a deal?
TeleConference #5: How Not To Mess Up A Joint Venture: Including A Formula for Sharing the Money
Wednesday, August 2, 2006 from 400 to 455 PM Eastern (100 to 155 PM Pacific)
Learn how a wacky concept of Heaven and Hell can help you make a giant leap towards maximizing joint ventures. And then get the scoop on the formula for sharing money in a clear-cut way. This last part usually leaves people jumping up and down to get off the call and implement… just a head’s up.






3 responses to “Write a Book in 45 Days and Other Ways to Blow Your Own Mind”

  1. elaine Avatar

    Hi Andy
    I bought a copy of your book at our local bookstore last weekend. It was promoted as book of the month
    Now I have created by first blog, partly as a result of reading your book – the “why” part
    Your book is great for newbies like me.

  2. henri Avatar

    Learn how to spell “two,” then tell me how to write a book.

  3. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    I meant that they are my ‘too girlfriends’ in that I love them so darned much.
    Um. Okay.
    Typo corrected.
    Yeek I hate when I do that!

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