Worst. Marketing. Ever.

I’m kidding.
The four finalists in the Mega Marketing Makeover are up and ready for voting – which site do you think needs an overhaul?
View the finalists…






3 responses to “Worst. Marketing. Ever.”

  1. Glenda Watson Hyatt Avatar

    One of the four worst net marketers…and damn proud of it!

  2. Andreya Avatar

    Well, they all seemed quite interesting to me!!
    And none of them seemed really ‘worst’ – actually, graphically I preferred the layout of their pages to the layout of the ‘voting’ site… hmm…
    But agree they could have more added, marketing-wise…

  3. Glenda Watson Hyatt Avatar

    Woohoo! Looks like I’m ‘the’ worst marketer because I won! I won because I had the most votes, by a landslide! Hmm, is there something wrong with that logic??? Anyway, I’m really looking forward to working with you, Andy, and learning from the best!

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