WordPress Themes: 100 More Free Designs

Smashing Magazine is awesome.  Interesting articles, great resources, and a beautifully designed blog.  They’ve had a number of great articles about free WordPress themes, including one in early January,  100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes.
The themes are categorized as follows:
1.  Vibrant themes
2.  Simple, Minimalistic themes
3.  Magazine-style themes
4.  Grid-based themes
5.  Calm, Clean and Legible themes
6.  Advanced themes
7.  Experimental themes
8.  Photoblog & Videoblog themes
9.  Other Resources
If you’re looking to kick off the New Year with a new design, or if you have a new blog project in mind for yourself or a client, take a few minutes to look at some of these themes.






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  1. sir jorge Avatar

    they’re not half bad

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