WordPress Jetpack 3.2 Lets You Post to Your Blog from WordPress.com

This is pretty damned snazzy. The latest update to Automattic’s Jetpack plugin allows you to use the same editor as WordPress.com to post to your self-hosted WordPress blog:

With Jetpack connected, you can now publish posts to your self-hosted WordPress site with the same editor available on WordPress.com giving you one centralized place from where to publish content, irrespective of where your WordPress site is hosted. Additionally, the new editor works great on mobile and tablets (and desktops!). To try it out, head over to wordpress.com/post and pick your site from the site picker on the top left of the editing window (after connecting and updating Jetpack).

Full details http://jetpack.me/2014/11/03/jetpack-3-2/

Just update Jetpack on your self-hosted blogs and give it a whirl.

This is another step towards bringing more self-hosted WordPress users into the Automattic ecosystem. I’ve said it before: they have all the ingredients of a social network – it’ll be interesting to see if they try and blend these things together or let the behaviors emerge. Basically everyone should have jumped over to WordPress.com when we had the Ello freakout a few weeks ago.






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