Wired Magazine Unveils MySpace-Killer

With all the hype about MySpace and how it likes to club baby seals, I thought I’d search for some of Friendster’s old hype and see what their timeline was:
First mention – July 17, 2003: Making Friendsters in High Places. First mention of Friendster in Wired archive. Friendster hits 1 million users.
4 months later – November 17, 2003: Social Nets Find Friends in VCs. Friendster and LinkedIn get money.
4 days later – November 21, 2003: Friendster Quickly Gathering Foes. User exodus as service lags, fictional profiles are deleted and support gets unreponsive.
1 months later – January 24, 2004: Social Nets Not Making Friends. Official ‘backlash starts’ article.
14 months later – March 21, 2005: Are Socialites Still Networking?. ‘Where are they now’ story to see if the topic is still relevant. MySpace mentioned as well.
Time from first mention to Wired backlash story: 5 months and one week. Time from first mention of Friendster to first mention of MySpace: 6 months and 3 weeks.
The first mention of MySpace is on February 8, 2005: What Websites Do to Turn On Teens First mention of MySpace in Wired archive.
Predicted MySpace backlash article in Wired magazine should have beenon July 15, 2005.
Predicted date MySpace successor should be mentioned in Wired magazine August 29, 2005.
Just a little late night insomniac pseudo-research.






3 responses to “Wired Magazine Unveils MySpace-Killer”

  1. bre Avatar

    i think myspace is a reason for kids to go on the computer.it also gives them something to do.i tought myspace would be a safe way for my child to chat but i guess not i made her delete it she was very mad at me!!!!

  2. Joseph Salinas Avatar

    Myspace is the lest of our worries.

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