Widgets and Plugins for Your Blogger, TypePad and WordPress Blogs

Widgetoko offers a daily harvest of all sorts of goodies to add to your blog so you can 1) impress yourself with your technical acumen and/or 2) distract your readers from joining your ezine. Still cool stuff!

16 thoughts on “Widgets and Plugins for Your Blogger, TypePad and WordPress Blogs

  1. Jonathan

    Fliqz, Inc. has developed the Fliqzster, the first instant video embed link generator for blogs. It is the size of a banner and allows users to upload video and in return receive a embed tag thata can be posted anywhere that accepts HTML -instant video. It is up and running on many blog sites – travelblog.org, bootsnall.com, slowtrav.com – even epage.com the large classified site uses it for video ads! If you would like to learn more, please contact me. Jshapiro@fliqz.com.

  2. Tiana

    hey i have a questions for you. On the old blogger i had something that whe u roll over it with your mouse it told you “this is the 1st most popular link” or “this is the 3rd most….” ect. How do i get that back? Any ideas?

  3. Derek Anderson

    You are looking for the MyBlogLog widgets. One of them does link tracking and displays the amount of clicks or popularity of links in your blog.
    I also blog about widgets daily (mulitple times daily) at widgetslab.com

  4. yMladenov

    Good site, still i think widgetbox.com is better.
    (sry for the ‘advertisement’, but it really is!)
    p.s. is widgetoko.com really DARK or is it just me šŸ˜•

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