Why RSS Adoption is So Slow

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The study found that half of internet-using Britons (51 per cent) visit just six or less sites on a regular basis. The research suggests that using just one banking, shopping, travel information and holiday website is enough for a person to keep their life well-managed.

Could it be most real people don’t really need to have as much information as we think they should have? Of course the terminology of RSS throws people off – I’ve since gone to adding my RSS links to my newsletter saying: Get these updates in your AOL, Yahoo!, Google, etc. account. – not even mentioning RSS. I think I’d rather fold socks than have to explain RSS.






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  1. alfamercado Avatar

    in my POV, it might be because learning RSS sounds like learning advance html. 🙁

  2. Lynn Terry Avatar

    I wish my life were that simple – that 5 or 6 regularly visited sites could keep it all well managed! LOL
    I agree with you about explaining RSS, though. I think that more needs to go into this, and I like your strategy.
    Great blog!
    Lynn Terry

  3. Lynn Terry Avatar

    You’re right, alfamercado – which is why Andy’s suggestion is such a great one. Instead of trying to educate our readers on “RSS”… we should be trying to introduce them to all of the new and easy ways that they can get our information.
    Just a different approach is all.
    I dont think it’s *just* RSS, though. A good example of another great interactive tool is the My Yahoo! homepage that Yahoo offers. Even though I have one, and love the concept, I dont find myself using it just yet.
    Perhaps all of these switchovers are just too much at once for the everyday folks (which includes me LOL).
    We have email readers and feed readers (somebody please integrate these into one program and make my life easier!). Feeds on our handhelds and cell phones… not to mention cameras, games and music. iPods and PodCasts. Dynamic home pages that have both world news, and the latest news from our best friends. Getting instant messages on our cell phones. Video mail.
    I couldnt possibly stay focused if I had all of my devices and programs going like I’d like to – LOL. When’s a woman supposed to SLEEP, or even go to the grocery store?? Ahh, I think we’re supposed to outsource those two things anyway… (laugh).
    All of this offers tons of opportunity to expand our lifestyles and social circles, and even our businesses. I think it’s just going to take some time for the general population to “get it”.
    Back to the topic – those marketers that “make it simple” and offer it in a way that doesnt seem confusing (ie takes more than 3 seconds to do) will likely gain the larger base of subscribers in their target market.
    Lynn Terry

  4. stan Avatar

    with Anothr like technology, common users can remove their fears on RSS with a transparent whole new user experience.

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