Why A Blog Won’t Help Your Business

Veteran business blogger Rich Brooks unravels the ZOMFG BLOGS ARE MAGICAL fruit punch:

A blog won’t help your business. Just like that StairMaster gathering dust in your basement won’t make you thin. Or a hammer won’t help you build those shelves if you don’t pick it up.   … When you start blogging it can be difficult, but you need to keep with it, and strengthen those “blogging muscles.” After a while, knocking out another keyword-rich blog post will be second nature, something you can do while watching the ball game, or after the kids are asleep, or taken care of during the work day. To start blogging effectively, you need to blog to answer the questions your customers have, and address the pain points of your prospects.

Much more on what to actually blog about and other key strategies:  Why A Blog Won’t Help Your Business

Michal Spiegelman July 13, 2010 at 6:22 pm

I know that many people read my blog but most of them don’t write comments. Is this normal?






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