What the Hell is a TrackBack?

I wrote a post for Darren’s beginners series on TrackBacks:
Summary: TrackBacks automate the interlinking of blog posts, but often don’t contribute to search engine ranking.
TrackBacks are notoriously difficult to explain and is an exercise that makes a great judge of the skill of any self-described ‘blogging expert.’ So here I go!
You get comments right? Easy enough. You write a post on your blog. Someone reads it and thinks you’re either sliced bread or vile ooze and comments accordingly. Just like having a mini-guestbook for each post.
What if I want to leave a comment about your blog post on my blog? That’s where TrackBacks come in.
Read my full explanation…






5 responses to “What the Hell is a TrackBack?”

  1. Wendy Maynard Avatar

    I have been blogging for a while now and the trackback explanations that I found were just not that helpful.Thanks so much for finally breaking down trackbacks in easy-to-understand language.
    Best, Wendy Maynard
    Kinetic Ideas: A Marketing Blog

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  4. Tea Avatar

    When my comments kept disappearing, I got suspiscious….has trackback got something to do with it? Apparently not…

  5. Sen Avatar



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