What is Wrong (and Right) With Blogging

Darren posed two provocative questions:
What is right about blogging?
What is wrong about blogging?
Here’s a summary:
What’s Right
Facilitates conversation. Freedom of expression. Freedom from a web designer’s tyranny. Speed. Business card, networking tool, sales brouchure all in one.
What’s Wrong
Reliance on Google and other ad networks to make money. Text can be msinterpreted easily. All niche blogs are starting to look the same. Constraints of existing tools and their template engines. Idiot commenters (and conversely, idiot bloggers). Too self-referential (echo chamber?). Bloggers seek out controversy and the negative side to a story. Cult of artificial experts.

66 thoughts on “What is Wrong (and Right) With Blogging

  1. John Evans

    I’ve written about this on my own blog, but to try to sum it up in one : What’s Right ~ costs are practically negligible allowing anyone to have a go. What’s Wrong ~ anyone can do it, thus lowering standards and therefore credibility.
    Like everything else in life there’s a trade-off there. What’s wrong is a cost that what’s right can more than afford to pay. Ergo, win-win.

  2. elavil

    Finally we have a replacement for my long lost beloved riding crop! (The story about how I lost it is here if youÒre interested.)

  3. inderal

    PS I wonder how Blunkett would feel about the fact that this same person explained how she understood this way of using words by saying ÓitÒs the kind of thing Haider does in AustriaÔÅ

  4. lamisil

    then i looked around me, and down at the shag pile rug i was sinking into, and realised that maybe, for him, they’d never been away.

  5. lexapro

    Personally, IÒm on the side of the exterminators even though I have some sympathy for the people who report that they feel physical pain when they see apostrophes misused.

  6. metformin

    I call him after the awards fiasco, very drunk and tired. “It’s not in the stars,” he says, explaining why it has been impossible for our paths to actually cross.

  7. nexium

    What is this country coming to when itÒs only old gits like us (no, heÒs no relation) who can be bothered to utter a voice of dissent every now and then?

  8. prednisone

    Tim suggests that whatÒs special about Tom WatsonÒs blog is that heÒs the first politician to use a blog to tell us what he really thinks instead of just telling us whatÒs in his diary.

  9. protonix

    Luckily, Stefan, the director of the institute, was there to discuss it all and I enjoyed listening to Alan and Stefan discussing it all.

  10. renova

    Yes, I love these guys. I want them to be President. Nobody mentions this, but this is really a brilliant parenting book. Throw the rest of them out. (*****)

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    it was like he had me where he wanted me, so he could do anything he wanted to me, and yet he wasn’t that good at what he wanted to do.

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    Separating, we laid down on the bed and cuddled for a short time. He suggested a shower to wash off the oil & I said I thought that would be a good idea.

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    Nigella is extremely fuckalicious. It’s just a shame that she opted to marry an insidious prick with lots of money, instead of a rich man with an insidious prick…


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