What is Tagging? What’s a Folksonomy?

You may have heard some to-do about the notion of tagging.
Tagging is organizing content organically and without a pre-determined structure.
So, instead of starting off with a big list of categories to choose for your posts, you ‘tag’ the posts as you go along with relevant keywords. You might write a post and tag it as businessblogging or homerjsimpson or chipsandsalsa. There is no list to choose from – you simply tag the information in a way that makes sense to you. Sort of like keywords.
When masses of people tag masses of content, patterns emerge.
Flickr, a photo-sharing community tracks images with tags. Each member tags their photos as they see fit – and common groups emerge:
You get the idea. The blog monitor Technorati, scans blog posts for tags and aggregates them up into ‘clouds’ of content. (Sorry superdorks, I just can’t say tag-osphere with a straight face)
This concept is also called ‘folksonomy’ because it is a taxonomy emerging from us common folk instead of being handed down by an information architect or librarian.
Look for this bright new shiny thing to be pillaged by spammers and/or marketing bastard-people.
For now though you can start adding tags to your own posts. Here’s how.
I’m tagging all of my posts in Nashville as ‘blognashville’ so you can go to Technorati and see all the other bloggers that have written posts tagged as blognashville.

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