Webmaster Tools: Essential Web Tools to Enhance Your Blog or Website

Even if you’re not a webmaster, you can benefit from reviewing some of the cool online sites outlined by Vladimir Prelovac at Vladimir Prelovac Online!
From analyzing for broken links, to listing outgoing links, from accessibility to readability, Vladimir provides 10 top webmaster resources that you can use to improve performance.
The test over at Juicy Studio is one of my favorites. You can input your domain name and receive immediate feedback about the readability of your material. I input Andy’s blog domain http://www.AndyWibbels.com and found out that he scored a 9.22 on the Gunning Fog Index.
According to a reference chart also on the site, Andy’s blog is written at the difficulty level of a popular novel — just above Reader’s Digest and below the magazines Time or Newsweek. And, that’s just one measure. It’s an interesting tool, so make sure to click on over and run your blog or website through the test.
And then there’s Webxact which provides a treasure trove of information about your site and valuable suggestions for improvement. There are also 8 more tools you can read about.
Be sure to check them out to see how you, too, can improve or enhance your blog or website. If you have any other tools that you use that aren’t included on the list, let us know what they are and how they help.






4 responses to “Webmaster Tools: Essential Web Tools to Enhance Your Blog or Website”

  1. VLadimir Avatar

    Hello Tara,
    I am glad that you found the compilation useful.
    I have added since the references for Firebug and YSlow Firefox extensions that I find mostly useful for fine tuning the site.
    Best regards,

  2. Tara Kachaturoff Avatar

    So after we run our site through YSlow (great name), then we can tweak away with Firebug. These two tools are definite must-haves for the perfectionist in us all. Nothing like real-time site updating. 🙂
    Thanks for the updating us on these two additional references for webmasters. We appreciate it.
    Kind Regards,
    Tara Kachaturoff

  3. Lee Webb Avatar
    Lee Webb

    I found a guy who offers some similar services. His name is James Brausch, and he has software for article submission (Artemis Pro), another that will automatically check over sales letters (Glyphius) and a few other cool tools. How would I pick the best software of this type? Thanks! -Lee

  4. Simon Smith Avatar
    Simon Smith

    Some fantastic pieces of software, you’ve even mentioned some that I’ve never heard of before!
    I am tempted to use Nemeas do you think this is any good?
    Juicy Studio looks fantastic! Thanks again

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