Wal-Mart Fails Miserable, Pulls Out of Germany

One Wal-Mart employee told the newsmagazine Der Spiegel that management had threatened to close certain stores if staff did not agree to work to working longer hours than their contracts foresaw and did not permit video surveillance of their work.

“We made mistakes,” said Wal-Mart Germany’s CEO David Wild… “Like, did you know that American pillowcases are a different size than German ones are?”

Like, wouldn’t that seem to be a detail that a multi-gazillion-dollar corporation wouldn’t take for granted?
And from Metafilter:

Wal-Mart also made the mistake of trying to get their German employees to take part in the Wal-Mart Cheer. German employees, apparently being more concerned about maintaining their personal dignity and less inclined to engage in public humiliation and self-abasement at the behest of their bosses, were reported to have hidden in the bathrooms to escape the ritual.

6 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Fails Miserable, Pulls Out of Germany

  1. Andrew

    Now that is funny. Who knew all that money and resources would do nothing for them in the common sense arena. That truly is a shock they could so undersetimate the difference in culture and pillow sizes.

  2. Decatur Ga

    Wow ! I love Germans ! Americans have lost the will to fight and maintain dignanty! The corporate world is destroying men and woman all over the world ! They want controle. Its the new world order of controle ! Thank you Germany for fighting back against cheap greedy employers !


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